1. Wageningen University (The Netherlands)
    – Laboratory of Microbiology – Detmer Sipkema (coordinator)
    – Aquaculture and Fisheries Group – Fotini Kokou
  2. Ifremer (France)
    Laboratory of Genetics and Pathology of Marine Molluscs – Lionel Degremont
  3. CSIC (Spain)
    Institute of Aquaculture Torre de la Sal – Ariadna Sitja-Bobadilla
  4. Nofima (Norway)
    Breeding and Genetics Department – Marie Lillehammer
  5. CCMAR (Portugal)
    Aquaculture Research Group – Sofia Engrola
  6. Marine and Freshwater Research Institute (Iceland)
    Aquaculture Division – Ragnar Johannsson
  7. Bantry Marine Research Station (Ireland)
    – Julie Maguire
  8. Aarhus University (Denmark)
    MAPP Centre – Karen Brunso
  9. University of Western Brittany (France)
    AMURE – Bertrand Le Gallic
  10. ABS-int (Belgium)
    Marine Policy and Law – Thomas Vanagt
  11. Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences (Hungary)
    Research Institute for Fisheries and Aquaculture – Gergó Gyalog
  12. University of Stirling (UK)
    Institute of Aquaculture – Trevor Telfer, Dave Little
  13. University College Cork (Ireland)
    MaREI – Anne Marie O’Hagan

Private Sector Partner Organisations
1. MOWI (Norway)
2. SYSAAF (France)
3. Skretting (Norway)
4. Colruyt Group (Belgium)
5. Silfurgen (Iceland)
6. Superette (France)

Academic Sector Partner Organisations
1. University of La Rochelle (France)
2. Technical University of Valencia (Spain)
3. Norwegian University of Life Sciences (Norway)
4. Algarve University (Portugal)
5. University of Iceland (Iceland)
6. Szent Istvan University (Hungary)

Advisory Board
1. Prof. Iciar Martinez; member of the EATIP Board of Directors, Ikerbasque & University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU (Spain)
2. Dr. Petter Arnesen; Assistant Director if the Federation of Norwegian Industries
3. David Murphy; General Manager AquaTT (Ireland)

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