We try again: 1st EATFISH Training in Valencia

Our first try in Iceland was postponed and then canceled due to Covid-19, but we have high hopes to make it happen in Valencia from March 28th – April 5th.

Training topics will include OPEN RESEARCH (taught by Bertrand Le Gallic), ACTION LEARNING (taught by Tor Arvid Breland, NMBU), the start of THE CASE where PhD students will start defining and working on interdisciplinary aquaculture scenarios (moderated by Detmer Sipkema) and something that is important for a good start: RESEARCH AND TIME MANAGEMENT (taught by Barend van den Broek, Valley Consult).

As our last meeting was cancelled we now combine it with the 1st EATFISH Workshop on the BIOLOGY OF AQUACULTURE with lectures on Salmon Aquaculture (Ashie Norris, Mowi), the fish immune system (Carla Piazzon, CSIC), Aquaculture system management (Fotini Kokou, WU), Oyster Aquaculture (Lionel Degremont, Ifremer), Fish genetics (Marie Lillehammer, Nofima), Fish nutrition (Ramon Fontanillas, Skretting and Claudia Aragao, CCMAR).

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